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Beyond Burger

It's beef...no, it's pork...no, it's 100% plant-based Beyond Burger®!

Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger® is a registered trademark and product of Beyond Meat with no affiliation to Lee’s on DeVries…other than we cook and serve this delicious new “burger”.

What is the Beyond Burger®?

It is the first plant-based burger in the world to imitate beef in the way it looks and cooks. Most beef burgers are juicy and meaty, and the Beyond Burger® is no different. The only difference is that it comes with the positives of being a plant-based meal.

● 20 g of plant-based protein
● No GMOs, soy or gluten
● 100% plant-based

What is it made from?

There are many plant-based ingredients, such as brown rice, peas, mung beans, potatoes, beets, apple fiber, coconut oil, and pomegranates.

Where does the protein come from?

The protein mostly comes from the peas, but also comes from mung beans and rice.

How much protein does the Beyond Burger® have?

The 4 oz patty has 20 grams of plant protein.

The Beyond Burger® isn’t beef. So, why is it red?

To maintain the whole experience of cooking burgers as realistic as possible, there are trace amounts of beets included. It changes colour as you cook it, just like a beef burger.

What is Beyond Meat®?

Beyond Meat® is “on a mission to create juicy, delicious protein using 100% plant-based ingredients”.

How is it made?

The Beyond Burger® is built up, as opposed to grinding and breaking down meat into traditional beef burger patties, as well as using the same type of equipment and processes to make beef burgers. The beets add the red colour to mimic a beef patty; the coconut oil and potato starch provide the juiciness and chewiness. The mixture is then compressed and shaped.

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